I’ve got this trick to work out if something is ironic or not. I think I picked it up from a college professor. I recall it as thus:

Imagine that a driver dies in a car accident, and the driver’s seat has a seatbelt.

  • The person dying, despite the availability of a seatbelt which was not worn, is not irony.
  • The person dying, despite wearing the seatbelt, is not irony.
  • If the seatbelt turns out to be the cause of death, that’s irony.
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3 Responses to Irony

  1. Dixon Jones says:

    So how would you convert that into an algorithm that a search engine might understand? It’s maybe not so important stateside, but in the UK we use irony like a secret code that only the Brits seem to get.


  2. Brian says:

    Would geotargeting that logic be ironic?

  3. Adam Senour says:

    I wonder if it counts as ironic that most people won’t understand the irony of your post.

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