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Strategic Ad Placement

Yahoo ad spotted in center field at AT&T Park in San Francisco:

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Google Site Operator: an Ode to Thee

Let’s go back to basics today. Car owners typically know that there are a number of automatic safety features on a modern vehicle. There are a number of gauges and sensors that will show a driver that a taillight is … Continue reading

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Too Fast

Matt’s super-fast cat, Ozzie, needed some LOLcat love, so I fired up Gimp and cranked this out. Enjoy Update: Matt pointed me to the addictive LolCat generator. Much more professional with the stroke effect! (We’ll cap the search engine in-jokes … Continue reading

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Interesting Link

All right, time for a work-related post. Matt put out a call for reports of paid links this week as our team is looking for test data. During my recent web travels, I encountered this page: Not exactly a ringing … Continue reading

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Back in Dublin, eating French cuisine

I’ve returned to Dublin after a required return to the U.S. to sort out an Irish work permit. One of the first outings with my Dublin peers has been dinner at Chez Max. I ordered French Onion soup as a … Continue reading

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