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Amazing Firefox Search Engines Selection

A friend expressed his annoyance at not being able to search for YouTube videos in Firefox via the search box in the upper right. One can click “Manage Search Engines” at the bottom of the search box dropdown to add … Continue reading

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Google Street?

My header image shows a Google street sign. It’s real, but we don’t have a Google Street–it designates the driveway at Huff and Charleston as Google HQ to help people navigate, I suppose. It’s not reflected in this StreetView image, … Continue reading

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Two years ago I threw a couple thousand dollars at as I thought the concept was cool. Over two months I loaned money to 16 different people. I didn’t have much of a strategy, but made micro-loans on gut-level … Continue reading

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Fixed WordPress Empty Feed Bug

For some reason, my Feedburner feed was empty as was the WordPress-generated one. I was bouncing back and forth between the two, looking for clues, and was thinking it was a chicken-and-egg problem. With the Feedburner plugin, it redirects some … Continue reading

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