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I’ve got this trick to work out if something is ironic or not. I think I picked it up from a college professor. I recall it as thus: Imagine that a driver dies in a car accident, and the driver’s … Continue reading

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Giant Pool of Money

A recent This American Life episode does a great job of telling the story of the Housing Bubble/Mortgage Crisis: It filled in a part of the story which I didn’t understand, which was the pool of money that fed … Continue reading

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My Hero: Tony Gwynn

Since 1983, when he broke into the majors, my personal hometown hero has been the retired baseball player, Tony Gwynn. He’s currently the baseball coach at San Diego State. Last year he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. … Continue reading

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Please take note, Costco

…of the policy of a fellow retailer:

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Nascent Site Todo

Claim my Technorati Profile. Stop publishing everything as the category “Blogroll.” Change the composition template so the post title form have the words ‘I’m a Dummy Because I Didn’t Title This Post’ by default (if you publish without a title … Continue reading

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