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Tracking April Fool’s

The posts are starting to trickle out of the time zones that are ~ 9 hours ahead of Mountain View, and into the feedreader. Here’s one I spotted on Google Operating System: You’ll be able to select from a … Continue reading

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Rickrolling Inflection Point

I asked on Twitter the other day, if “Rickrolling” was reaching an inflection point of popularity. I have been Rickrolled three times in the past couple of weeks. I’m thinking I’m correct, as the New York Times has written up … Continue reading

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UFC 0: Mixed Militial Arts

Wow. Were episodes one and two of John Adams good or what? I’m digging around for history books… April Update: I was moved by the Declaration of Independence scenes in Episode 2, but I haven’t thought much of the following … Continue reading

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Explain To Me Why Push Is Important

I’m reading around about the iPhone SDK announcement, and I see people making a big deal about ActiveSync and ‘Exchange Push.’ My web-based mail client pings home frequently (a couple of times a minute, perhaps) via AJAX techniques. Phone apps … Continue reading

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Reasons To Be Excited About Mobile

Over at GigaOM, Android’s ‘web-like application’ functionality is covered. I believe there are reasons that a web browser in the phone isn’t the answer to everything-apps for a while (read: Flash on the iPhone), so this wonderful new era of … Continue reading

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If You Missed ‘The Wire,’ You’re In Luck

Lucky you, because you’ve got five seasons waiting to be watched! The Wire is now my favorite show, maybe all-time. The series concludes with this Sunday’s finale. I’m bummed about that, as it’s been a torrid affair with the show … Continue reading

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