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My vote for the best iPhone App so far is Flashlight, which costs $0.99. It’s not best for reasons of utility or value–there are said to be 4 or 5 other flashlight apps, at least one of them is free. It’s the best because it was probably ridiculously easy to code, and it was accepted by Apple for inclusion in the store, and the early adopters seem to be buying it.

For the uninitiated, a flashlight app puts up a blank white screen, and if you aim it around a dark room, your iPhone suffices as a really nice flashlight.

This app has a whopping 1 of 5 stars in the reviews section. There are 73 reviews thus far. Some choice quotes from the App Store reviews:

You could just take a picture of a sheet of looseleaf and bring it up in the dark for cheaper. That’s a pro tip.

0 MEGS!!!

A blank screen for $1?

You could open up Safari…and go to a blank web page and you got a free flashlight to use with less than 3 taps!

This app managed to crack the top 25 paid apps, so either 1. people need flashlights and found this one first or 2. longshot, but the app gamed its way onto the list (which would suck).

Sometimes though, you have to sit back and admire “Pet Rock” phenomena.

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3 Responses to Best iPhone App

  1. richard says:

    there are flashlight apps up there that do way
    more than just a white screen

    see myLite – it’s a color flashlight and strobe

  2. Wysz says:

    Haha, I actually downloaded the free version last night. Works pretty well.

    Another, less useful free app is Hold On!, which is fine as a game, but I’m a little disappointed that Apple went along with the joke and allowed it to be listed under “Productivity.”

    In all seriousness, I have found a few other apps fun/useful:
    Super Monkey Ball
    Remote (I might actually use my Apple TV now)
    Pandora (even works on EDGE, so great for the car)

  3. Shippley says:

    I also found the light apps interesting. I downloaded three of them. myLite, Flashlight, and Light.

    Flashlight is my least favorite. myLite is cool because of the effects, especially Rock Concert.

    But Light is the best in my opinion. It’s settings are in the iPhone Settings app.. which is kinda cool.. it gives it some level of authenticity.. Plus Light is the only one that overrides the light sensor, to make the screen as bright as is can be.

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