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Nascent Site Todo

Claim my Technorati Profile. Stop publishing everything as the category “Blogroll.” Change the composition template so the post title form have the words ‘I’m a Dummy Because I Didn’t Title This Post’ by default (if you publish without a title … Continue reading

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Wow, now this is some outside-the-box gameplay design! I’m not going to comment but instead will just link to this gameplay video of Endochrome, an apparent upcoming game title. This reminds me of Half-Life 2 Portal.

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Basic Website Savviness

Andy Beal takes issue with an article that puts SEO in a not-so-positive light. I’m neutral on the first part of the article, but the business owner interviewed goes on to say …business owners need to be aware of what … Continue reading

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Spam Comes In All Forms

World of Warcraft players were recently treated to a show: Not only did they get a Fourth of July fireworks display, but also a hailstorm of gnomes. Those in control of the gnome(s) were using an exploit to teleport themselves … Continue reading

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FAQs added to Google Webmaster Help Group

Adam and a host of other good folks have added some FAQs to our Google Webmaster Help Group. These include a charter and tips on posting, as well as answers to common questions for Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking, and using … Continue reading

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