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Google Street?

My header image shows a Google street sign. It’s real, but we don’t have a Google Street–it designates the driveway at Huff and Charleston as Google HQ to help people navigate, I suppose. It’s not reflected in this StreetView image, … Continue reading

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Link Selling Mistakes: Including the Buyer’s Directives

I ran across this today (emphasis mine): I don’t know if the author of this sponsored post was in a rush here, but I thought I’d point that out. After all, is a Website That Cares! Added: Since it’s … Continue reading

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Jihadist What?

I stumbled upon the Mitt Romney political video from the direction of a parody: Hmm, a new word, sounds like “caliphet.” Unfortunately, the Google search [define:caliphet] didn’t help me out. [caliphet] wasn’t much help either. I tried [“jihadist *” … Continue reading

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Basic Website Savviness

Andy Beal takes issue with an article that puts SEO in a not-so-positive light. I’m neutral on the first part of the article, but the business owner interviewed goes on to say …business owners need to be aware of what … Continue reading

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FAQs added to Google Webmaster Help Group

Adam and a host of other good folks have added some FAQs to our Google Webmaster Help Group. These include a charter and tips on posting, as well as answers to common questions for Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking, and using … Continue reading

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Throwing the Brackets

Inside Google, we email queries around a lot. An example might be Hey Brian, check out “mexican food in Dublin” Now, does the person who sent that to me want me to search in quotes, or without? When we email … Continue reading

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