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Explain To Me Why Push Is Important

I’m reading around about the iPhone SDK announcement, and I see people making a big deal about ActiveSync and ‘Exchange Push.’ My web-based mail client pings home frequently (a couple of times a minute, perhaps) via AJAX techniques. Phone apps … Continue reading

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Video Sharing Public Service Announcement

OK, I’m done with proprietary video players. As of this second (your fault, T ) If you send me a video, make sure that 1. you’re searched YouTube for the same filename and send me that URL. Failing that, 2. … Continue reading

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Arrived in Dublin

First of all, a bit of a thumbs-down to Vodaphone. I arrived at the Dublin airport this weekend, and the first thing you can see is the Vodaphone store. I got a cheap phone and SIM card on my last … Continue reading

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