Back in Dublin, eating French cuisine

I’ve returned to Dublin after a required return to the U.S. to sort out an Irish work permit. One of the first outings with my Dublin peers has been dinner at Chez Max. I ordered French Onion soup as a starter, and as I enjoyed it, realized that I haven’t had real French Onion soup. I’ve had it in chain restaurants back in the states, and didn’t realize what I was missing until now. Silly American.

In fact, I can’t recall having ever eaten at a proper French restaurant (I don’t suppose La Fondue counts). Crepes I’ve had, but crepes only in the context of stumbling out of bars in San Francisco–crepes are the post-drinking food of choice for the last few years.

Chez Max has a nice earlybird menu (pre-7 p.m.) and my entree was Porc Aligot which was also outstanding, my “noob” palate notwithstanding. Ended the meal with a nice crème brûlée. It was a terrific meal and great company.

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