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I have PageRank!

Skeptic: My Google Toolbar PageRank indicator says 0/10 for your site. (Nelson laugh) ha-ha. Me:Yes, but I started getting referrals from Google, including referrals from the search phrase [brian white]. I must have *some* PageRank… Indeed, to rank for Random … Continue reading

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Heading to SES Milan; Team Presence at SMX Advanced Seattle

I’m going to Milan SES this week with two people on my team. It’s very nice to be within a few hours flight of so many diverse countries. I haven’t practiced Italian but I’m sure I’ll get a crash course–the … Continue reading

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Paid Link Schemes Inside Original Content

I was perusing the FAQ over at Blogitive recently, and found an item I don’t exactly agree with. Blogitive is a business that, in a nutshell, matches bloggers and advertisers with the caveat that the advertising is in the form … Continue reading

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Google Personalized Homepage is now iGoogle, and will probably be the home page of the iPhone I’ll eventually buy… The URL ( stays the same. Some folks speculated on the name when the Personalized Homepage came out in 2005: P.S. … Continue reading

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Google Site Operator: an Ode to Thee

Let’s go back to basics today. Car owners typically know that there are a number of automatic safety features on a modern vehicle. There are a number of gauges and sensors that will show a driver that a taillight is … Continue reading

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Interesting Link

All right, time for a work-related post. Matt put out a call for reports of paid links this week as our team is looking for test data. During my recent web travels, I encountered this page: Not exactly a ringing … Continue reading

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