Link Selling Mistakes: Including the Buyer’s Directives

I ran across this today (emphasis mine):

Opps Oops

I don’t know if the author of this sponsored post was in a rush here, but I thought I’d point that out. After all, is a Website That Cares!

Added: Since it’s been a while since I blogged about Webspam (I work on the Google Webspam team), I’ll add a reference to our quality guidelines on link schemes.

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6 Responses to Link Selling Mistakes: Including the Buyer’s Directives

  1. Dave Dugdale says:

    That site also has an article on How To “Make Money Sueing” but they misspelled suing. :)

    Brian, glad to see you are writing again.

  2. Hehe that is SO stupid :P Great to see you writing about web spam Brian!

  3. Adam Senour says:

    Brian, I feel your love. Thank you for being a Webmaster That Cares.

    So how long until Search Engines Web discovers this place and starts telling you how wrong you are and how evil Google is? :D

  4. Matt Cutts says:

    Adam, we’ll just keep it on the down-low and maybe S.E.W. won’t find Brian. :)

  5. aaron wall says:

    I just bid on AdWords for “Search Engine Webs” and linked to this page using ad copy

    Are search engineers
    conspiring against you?

  6. joaquin says:

    i feel they do. good point

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