It looks like a tweak I made a month ago resulted in a broken comment form. Whoops! If I had been logging into the spam-drop email address I use for this domain, I would have been alerted to the problem. I have been getting a small but growing amount of visits to this site. I wondered why there were no comments–now I know. :) Apologies for those who have been trying to chime in.

I also did a ‘lazy’ upgrade to WordPress 2.2–I notice a couple of blemishes from this upgrade but I’ll keep an eye on what else might break. For those who use the Freshy theme version 2.1–there is a hardcoded “2.1″ that you might miss in the sidebar PHP. You can temporarily fix that by changing it to “2.2″ if you’re running 2.2.

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One Response to Unmute

  1. Dave Davis says:

    Hey Brian, So far no problems. Couple of things though:

    “Spam protection: Sum of five + seven ?”
    Are you looking for a text string or numeric value? Seems silly I know and I will certainly know after I leave this comment… just one of those little things.

    Next up, email notification of comment replies , this is an absolute must have in my opinion.

    Anyway, great to see you blogging. Keep those insider secrets coming ;)

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