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All right, time for a work-related post. :) Matt put out a call for reports of paid links this week as our team is looking for test data.

During my recent web travels, I encountered this page:


Not exactly a ringing endorsement…

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  1. Adam Senour says:

    What does it point to, though? Does it point to a paid link or just some merchant credit processing site?

    As stupid as it sounds, I can see a case whereby someone would just link to a merchant credit processing site “just because”.

  2. Matt Cutts says:

    Adam, I believe it’s not just because in this case. :)

  3. Adam Senour says:

    Yeah, me too, Matt…but all my years of geekitude has taught me NEVER put anything past anyone.

    That’s why I asked…I’ve seen similar things. I’ve also seen worse things. Much worse things. Things no one could imagine unless they had seen them. ;)

  4. Dave Dugdale says:

    Glad I found your blog – I have heard a lot of good things about you on the Webmaster Radio shows.

    I did a write up about paid links on my blog and my competitors who buy links are having a dog fight with me in the comments.

    I am all for helping out the little guy like myself by leveling the playing field by discounting paid links.

  5. We own a website at (intentionally did not try to link it because I am not here to spam your blog) and we have recently offered free blog hosting to the thousands of truck drivers out there who want to share their stories from the road. We are using the MU version of wordpress. Since we installed and offered this to the drivers, i think I have deleted about 1 dozen blogs because they were just junk postings with crap just like what you show in your example up top. We have had a few drivers who have made some great online diaries with the blogs, but it is daily that I have to clean out the crap. They are not linking to merchant credit processing “just because”. They are doing it because, like all others with a blog, when they make a posting it is usually indexed by Google very quickly (same day). At least it is on our web development site.

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